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After years of giving people psychic readings behind the scenes, Linda collaborated with renowned neuroscientists on an experiment using MRI technology. They deemed the outcome, “FASCINATING!”

The objective was...(scroll down)

Linda's Story help show what happens when one connects into the grid of knowledge that surrounds each of us. 

Over time, Linda found her psychic ability stretched beyond connecting people to their deceased loved ones. She could see root causes of health, children, relationship, childhood and other issues that were most pressing in people’s lives with amazing results and solutions.  At times, healings would occur either spontaneously or with a person implementing the information given. 

She could also access stories that many people see as “past lives’ that when detailed, help heal and bring clarity to a person’s life.  

And, she only needed to focus with the intention to be of service to the person, sight unseen.

Linda can look to see what is most pressing in your life right now and channel information that could be life changing for you. She can also connect you with your deceased loved ones. During your time with her, you will find ways you may have not even considered to resolve what you need most. People feel great by the end of their session with Linda. See some videos below. (Read More...)

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Contact: or call 610-896-9284 to schedule your reading.

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