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What To Expect During Your Reading With Linda


If you view this video clip of neuroscientists conducting an MRI scan of Linda’s brain during a LIVE reading,* you can see when she focuses with the intention of the highest good for you, her brain actually alters function to allow information and answers to come through for you.


The results of her many readings show that Linda is “hot-wired” to the most pressing thing in your life right now.  It may be something which you haven’t considered but through the reading, you will realize how it could be so. She’ll try her best to relay what you want to know most and what is the best way to handle for all involved. And, it will be completely confidential and an experience that may turn a key for you.


Advice, understanding, and even an amazing happening for you after the reading, are all possibilities that may be of great help to you for your own peace, joy and happiness.


Be prepared to be surprised and you will want to take notes. All readings are done by private voice-call. You can email us for video readings which is an additional fee. There is no difference with the read.


Linda uses proceeds from your fee to support underserved children and mothers and also people who are facing homelessness.


*The MRI scan of Linda’s brain by world- renowned neuroscientist, Dr Andrew Newberg at The Marcus Institute in Philadelphia during a blind reading was taped by Keystone Productions for inclusion in a documentary currently in production.

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