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The Journey

"I seem to be hot-wired to what is most pressing in someone’s life."

Previously, Linda entered the world of broadcasting in 2002 as a mother to six, by creating and hosting a series called Moms on the Move for NBC in Philadelphia which earned her two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Host and Producer. Before this, she spent 15 years raising children and the building Swain Destinations, the customized travel company she co-founded with her husband, Ian, who continues to lead the family business today.

While Linda was taping for her Moms on the Move series for NBC affiliate in Philly in 2004, she experienced a “third- opening” event which resulted in uncommon psychic ability. 

Linda wasn’t ready to expose her new-found sight, but she sought an opportunity to continue her psychical research with masters from around the world. Thus, she developed a series called Tapping IN: The Happiest People and Places. From 2015 to 2018, Tapping IN was syndicated as quarterly specials in over 85% of the major U.S. broadcast stations and drew a 56% male audience. It was the #1 or #2 rated program in its weekend timeslot in most cities including New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. Tapping IN also showed increases of over 160% during the hour airing. The series earned a Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Travel Program. 

Then, after over a decade of research and experiences in psychical phenomena, Linda enlisted the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Marcus Institute of Neuroscience to study her brain. Using high quality pet scans and MRIs, the neuroscientific team was astounded by the results. They are eager to break barriers with Swain in new studies proving with empirical evidence the existence and true power of the psychic brain. 

The intention of her current project is to help guide viewers on a mind-altering journey to show that an alternate reality exists to serve us, how you are loved beyond this world and so much more.

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